Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book by Sally Miller

Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book

Learn how to quickly and easily spread you message with a bestselling nonfiction book.

What's Included

This step-by-step online program for future bestselling authors walks you through the simple process my clients and I have used to write a bestselling nonfiction book.


If you’ve been wondering “How can I be sure my book will sell?”, this module will give you the final answer – so you can launch 99% sure it’ll be a hit. 

We’ll cover…

  • A major and surprising key to finding your bestselling topic
  • The irrevocable truth about earning money from books (and the real reason so many good authors fail to do so)
  • How to align your book topic with your short and long-term business goals
  • The eagle view of HOW your book can help you build a thriving business on autopilot 


Your goal isn’t to publish a book. Your goal is to publish a bestseller that people can’t put down and can’t stop raving about. Let me show you how. Included are… 

  • The secret key ingredient to writing a book people adore – in record time
  • Creating a procrastination-proof book outline – so your bestselling title will basically write itself
  • What you MUST include in your introduction to get people to read your book. Cover to cover 
  • The nitty gritty: how to easily and quickly create a professional looking table of contents, copyright, author and bonus page
"Without a doubt my biggest challenge was not knowing where to begin and finding so much information to sift through online. That changed when I met Sally.

It was like a weight was lifted off me. I had one place to find everything I needed to do pre-launch for my children's book. I felt so clear knowing the action steps and when to do them.

I launched less than a month ago and have sold over 700 books, earning just shy of $3,000."

Stephanie Johnson
"I was struggling to get clear about who my ideal customer was. I was worried about choosing a niche because: 1) I might get bored, 2) A narrow niche might void all the books I’d already written and 3) I didn’t want to step on anyone's toes by 'invading their niche'. Of course, I now know that all these thoughts were limiting beliefs.

Sally helped me by nailing my message – “Rediscover Your Sparkle”. It felt so good to have a clear message that I believed in and my readers connected with."

Julie Schooler