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What's included?

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Ask Me A Question ☕😊
3 mins
Goal Setting & Starting Your Business
Passion Challenge Workbook.pdf
868 KB
Goal Setting Workbook.pdf
238 KB
Tribe Building
How To Create True Fans
[Video] Tribe Building
19 mins
Tribe Building Workbook
337 KB
Ghostwriting and Freelance Writing
Get the books and 200+ freelance writing niches here
Pitch Templates
506 KB
Book Contract Checklist
505 KB
Starter Wordbank
58.7 KB
Life Coaching
Get my Life Coaching book here
Start Your Coaching Business Workbook
472 KB
Melissa's Productivity Ebook
2.14 MB
Melissa's Goal Setting Ebook
5.77 MB
Kindle Self-Publishing
Get my Kindle Self-Publishing book here
Launch Planner Spreadsheet
13.3 KB
Zero To Bestseller Workbook
1.47 MB
Get the books here
Start A Successful Blog Workbook.pdf
224 KB
Make Money From Blogging Workbook.pdf
269 KB
How to Create a Content Calendar for Your Blog.pdf
351 KB
Mini-Training: Blogger Success Habits
Lesson 1: Pick the perfect blogging topic (that's also profitable)
Lesson 2: Your six-figure blogging plan
Lesson 3: The secret weapon all top bloggers have
Lesson 4: How to never give up on your big dream
Lesson 5: Create a blog AND life you love
Blogger Success Habits Workbook.pdf
378 KB
Mini-Training: Four-Figure Writing Clients
Lesson 1: Find your four-figure service
Lesson 2: Where to find high paying clients
Lesson 3: Two more pitching strategies (that don't require a network)
Lesson 4: How to guarantee success
Pitch Templates.pdf
506 KB
Mini-Training: Launch Your Bestseller In 30 Days
Lesson 1: Your 30-day book launch plan
Lesson 2: The most important step (that most authors skip)
Lesson 3: How to get your first 1000 readers
Lesson 4: How to reach more readers and change lives
Lesson 5: How to get at least 20 book reviews
Lesson 6: Hitting publish!
Launch Planner Spreadsheet
13.3 KB
Book Promotion Sites
8.77 KB
Launch Team Messages
195 KB
Airbnb Hosting
Get my Airbnb book here
Make Money On Airbnb Workbook
182 KB
Household Information Document
98.6 KB
Message Templates
244 KB
Pre Booking Checklist
174 KB
Useful Airbnb Services
Personal Training
Get the book here
Making Money as a Personal Trainer Workbook.pdf
141 KB
[Recordings] Coffee With Sally - Monthly Live Q&A
March 2019 - Coffee With Sally
60 mins
Find Your Business Idea
568 KB
May 2019 - Coffee With Sally
49 mins
June 2019 - Coffee With Sally
46 mins
July 2019 - Coffee With Sally
54 mins
August 2019 - Coffee With Sally
September 2019 - Coffee With Sally

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