Business Success Roadmap by Sally Miller
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Business Success Roadmap

A step-by-step system to start the right home business and find your first paying customers.
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What's included?

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Before You Start
How This Course Is Structured
Get The Most From This Course
Workbook 0 - Before You Start.pdf
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Module 1 - Set Up Your Success Systems (The Home Biz Planner)
1.1: Introducing The Home Biz Planner
1.2: Select Your Success Track
1.3: [Video] Success Tracker Walkthrough
8 mins
1.4: Set Up Your Planning System
1.5: [Video] Weekly Priorities Walkthrough
3 mins
1.6: Create Your 1-Page Business Plan
1.7: [Video] 1-Page Home Biz Plan Walkthrough
15 mins
Workbook 1 - Set Up Your Success Systems.pdf
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Home Biz Planner (PDF version)
332 KB
Home Biz Planner (Excel version)
74.7 KB
Module 2 - Find Your Business Idea
2.1: Know Yourself
2.2: Design The Life You Want
2.3: Select Your Business Idea
Workbook 2 - Find Your Business Idea.pdf
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Module 3 - Test Your Business Idea
3.1: Define Your Value Proposition
3.2: Create Your Test Offering
3.3: Test Your Business Idea
Workbook 3 - Test Your Business Idea.pdf
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Module 4 - Grow Your Home Business
4.1: Decide Your Business Entity
4.2 Set Up A Bookkeeping System
4.3: Create Your Website
4.4: [Video] Create A Simple Website With
8 mins
4.5: Create Your Marketing Plan
4.6: Track Your Progress
4.7: Before You Go
Workbook 4 - Grow Your Business.pdf
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