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August 25, 2019
Hi there,

How's it going? I'm loving the progress members are making in their businesses... so much new value being put out into the world.

We'll be talking more about creating value in the Stop Underearning workshop series. 

The first step towards earning more money is generating massive value. You'll also learn how to uncover (and address) your unique set of money blocks. This is important work for anyone who wants to grow a successful business!

Now, here's this week's member news...

Weekly Priorities

As always, make sure you set your priorities for the coming week. What tasks will you work on to get you closer to your next big goal?

For added accountability be sure to share your priorities in the weekly accountability thread in the Facebook Group.

Being intentional about how you spend your time is one of the biggest things you can do to create more success in your business. So, go set your priorities!

Hot Topics (come join the conversation)

Lots of great conversation happening inside the community. Here's what's been going on inside the Facebook Group this week:

Member Video Q&A

In this month's video Q&A I give two members feedback on:

1) An idea to create an anthology of short stories
2) A new home page and email opt-in

I also talk about why doing work you love is more important than becoming too attached to your goals (hint: it has to do with the type of emotions you create from). 

What's Coming Up

September's money workshop series is nearly here...

The first Stop Underearning workshop will be next Wednesday, August 28th at 10am PST (a recording will be made available afterwards).

Also planned for the rest of the year:

  • Digital Product Success course - Scheduled to go live Q4 2019.
  • Stop Underearning Workshop - Identify what's holding you back from earning more money and learn how to overcome it. Planned for August and September (two workshops and a live coaching call)
  • List Building Workshop - In October we'll be talking all about how to build your tribe. 
  • Self Confidence Workshop - Building your confidence and acting in spite of fear will be the topic of November's workshop.
  • VIP bonuses - In late November, the first members reach VIP status (6 months as members) and will receive their surprise bonuses.
  • Annual Planning Workshop - In December we will plan out our businesses for 2020. I'll also share my best tools to help you make 2020 an amazing year.
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