[Success Habits] Do you know your superpower?
July 17, 2019
Hi there,

Okay, let's talk superpowers and why knowing yours will make a huge difference in your life. This is one of my favorite topics. But first, some quick news...

You may notice that this email has a new name - it's now called "Success Habits".

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And so I'm switching to a weekly newsletter. Welcome to the first issue of Success Habits :)

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So, today we're talking about superpowers. One of my son's favorite games is to ask this question…

“If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

The usual answers are flying, super strength, lightning speed, etc. But the truth is while these superpowers might be fun, they wouldn’t be much help in the real world. 

Luckily, you already have a superpower. And once you know what it is, you can apply it to achieve anything you want in life. 

To uncover your superpower, you need to start by finding your strengths. Because your superpower is the combination of your natural talents. It's what makes you special.

Knowing your superpower will also protect you from two of the biggest forms of self-sabotage in the online business world. Shiny Object Syndrome and Comparison-itis.

Once you understand your own secret sauce, you no longer have to chase other people's ways of doing things. Instead, you can focus on what comes naturally to you and where you get the biggest results.

Now, this wouldn't be an email from me without some action steps. So, if you want to start using your superpower, go ahead and complete the exercises in this blog post.

It could totally change the way you do things!

And if you get stuck or have an aha moment, write back and let me know. I'd love to hear what your superpower is.

All the best,

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