[HBS Member News] Member Q&A this week, hot topics, and more
July 14, 2019
Hi there,

How was your week? What steps did you take towards your next goal? 

If you feel like you're not making enough progress - don't worry. This is normal! Each week is an opportunity to set a fresh set of priorities that move you in the right direction. You got this :)

My main focus this past week has been finishing the Coach Success Formula course. This is on schedule for a July 26th release date.

If you want to offer coaching or consulting, then this course is for you. I share how to come up with irresistible coaching offers and sell them with confidence. I also discuss the five best ways to find clients as a new coach. I think you're going to love this course!

Okay, let's re-cap this week's member news...

Weekly Priorities

As always, don't forget to set your priorities for the coming week. What tasks will you work on to get you closer to your next big goal?

For added accountability be sure to share your priorities in the weekly accountability thread in the Facebook Group.

Being intentional about what you work on is one of the easiest ways to accelerate your success. To see how I set goals and priorities, check out module one of the Business Success Roadmap

Hot Topics (come join the conversation)

As always lots of great conversation is happening in the community. Here's what's been going on inside the Facebook Group this week:

Member Only Q&A

I'll be doing a video Q&A next week. This is for members only and isn't live. You can submit your questions in advance for me to answer on video - post your questions here.

You can get my feedback on a blog post, your website, a sales page, etc. (make sure you include a link when you post your question). Or ask a more detailed question for me to answer on video.

And don't forget you can always post questions at any time inside the Facebook Group.

What's Coming Up

We have three courses and one workshop in the pipeline. Coming soon are:

  • Coach Success Formula - A step-by-step guide to starting your coaching business and signing your first paying clients. Scheduled for July 26th.
  • Affiliate Marketing Success - Learn how to make money with affiliate marketing - even if you have a tiny audience. Scheduled for August.
  • Digital Product Success - In planning phase (I'll soon be asking for input on what you'd like included). Scheduled for Q4 2019.
  • Six-Figure Mindset Workshop - Identify what's holding you back from earning more money and learn how to overcome it. Planned for September (this one is going to be fun!)

So, lots happening - I'm excited to keep giving you guys the maximum possible value inside Home Business School.

And if there's something new you'd like to see, drop me an email or post in the Facebook community. I love hearing feedback from members :)

Have a wonderful week and I'll speak soon.

Best wishes,
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