Want to start or grow a 5- to 6-figure home business? by Sally Miller

Want to start or grow a 5- to 6-figure home business?

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You can expect online training on how to start or grow a home-based business. Including step-by-step courses on blogging, coaching, freelancing, publishing, and more. Also get access to expert feedback with Sally and a community of fellow home business owners. PLUS, when you join as a founding member, you will: 

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What You Get

  • A library of online courses* on how to start or grow a home-based business plus a roadmap which means you have a proven path to follow and no longer need to guess what step to take next.
  • The Home Biz Planner – our simple but powerful planning and tracking tool which will help you launch your business and earn money faster than you thought possible.
  • A caring community where you can ask questions and get quality answers and support from new and experienced home business owners.
  • Q&A with Sally (post your questions for me to answer via video). Pick my brain, stay accountable and get tangible solutions you can implement straight away.
  • Easily cancel your membership at anytime.

* Courses include: Business Success Roadmap, Blogging Success, Author Success Blueprint, Six-Figure Success Habits, Freelance Writing Success (June 2019), Coach Success Formula (July 2019), Affiliate Marketing Success (August 2019). And more planned!


"I take a lot of courses and have a lot of mentors, but this program was pivotal and a defining moment in my life to start doing what I am meant to do. Seeing the ahas and new glow in my clients is so rewarding that I can’t even put a monetary value to it. I am filled with gratitude that I met you... I almost didn’t purchase the program because I thought I didn’t have enough money, but I managed to add up all my business budgets and had the exact amount I needed. Also, I thought it would be about goal setting, but it was really a journey of self-discovery.”
Stephanie Donahue
"I was struggling to get clear about who my ideal customer was. I was worried about choosing a niche because: 1) I might get bored, 2) A narrow niche might void all the books I’d already written and 3) I didn’t want to step on anyone's toes by 'invading their niche'. Of course, I now know that all these thoughts were limiting beliefs. Sally helped me by nailing my message – “Rediscover Your Sparkle”. It felt so good to have a clear message that I believed in and my readers connected with."
Julie Schooler
"Before working with Sally, I knew I wanted to write a book. But I had no idea how to get it published and how my book could help me grow my business. I didn’t have the time to read 100s of books and blog posts to figure it all out on my own. Sally showed me the exact steps to write, publish, and launch my book. I couldn’t believe how easy the whole process could be until she laid it all out for me. I love the clear step-by-step guides and Sally’s dedication to supporting her clients. Thank you!"
Rachel Bailey
"Without a doubt my biggest challenge was not knowing where to begin and finding so much information to sift through online. That changed when I met Sally. It was like a weight was lifted off me. I had one place to find everything I needed to do pre-launch. I felt so clear knowing the action steps and when to do them."
Stephanie Johnson
"I had visions of writing a “real book” one day, but that’s as far as I ever got on my own. I knew nothing about self-publishing, selling books on Amazon, formatting, etc. Frankly, the process intimidated the heck out of me! Insert Sally Miller. She couldn’t have made this process easier and together we knocked it out of the park. Our book was downloaded 4,214 times in the first 10 days and was #1 bestseller in two Amazon categories!"
Gina Horkey
"Thanks for doing your magic and helping me find the next step forward from this mass of information I’ve gathered... I signed on my 7th client last week, one that had been in the works since February. It’s a good reminder for me that when the time is right and they see that what you offer is of value, they will be in touch again. I just need to keep showing up."
Pauline Cheung