Blogging Success by Sally Miller
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Blogging Success

Step-by-step guide to starting a money making blog and building an audience of loyal readers.
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What's included?

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Before You Start
How This Course Is Structured
Module 1 - Plan Your Blog
Lesson 1.1: Pick Your Niche
Lesson 1.2: Define Your Ideal Reader
Lesson 1.3: Write Your Blog's Mission Statement
Workbook 1 - Blogging Success.pdf
375 KB
Module 2 - Set Up Your Blog
Lesson 2.1: Free Vs Self-Hosted Blog
Lesson 2.2 Pick A Domain For Your Blog
Lesson 2.3: Purchase Hosting & Install WordPress
Lesson 2.4: Customize Your Blog With A Theme
Lesson 2.5: Install & Customize A Theme (VIDEO)
3 mins
Lesson 2.6: Add Plugins To Your Blog
Lesson 2.7: Install & Manage Plugins [VIDEO]
2 mins
Lesson 2.8: Add Pages To Your Blog
Workbook 2 - Blogging Success.pdf
248 KB
Module 3 - Create Blog Posts
Lesson 3.1: Decide On Categories And Tags
Lesson 3.2: Come Up With Post Ideas
Lesson 3.3: Create Your Content Calendar
Lesson 3.4: Write Your First Blog Post
Lesson 3.5: Eight Steps To Create A Great Post
Lesson 3.6: Publish A Post in WordPress [VIDEO]
3 mins
Workbook 3 - Blogging Success.pdf
354 KB
Content Calendar Template.xlsx
10.1 KB
Module 4 - Market Your Blog
Lesson 4.1: Make A Brand Board
Lesson 4.2: Create Images for Your Blog
Lesson 4.3: Write Catchy Headlines
Lesson 4.4 Plan Your Social Media Presence
Lesson 4.5: Create Pins For Your Posts
Lesson 4.6: Create a Pin in Canva [VIDEO]
2 mins
Lesson 4.7: Market Your Blog With Guest Posting
Workbook 4 - Blogging Success.pdf
296 KB
Module 5 - Keep Your Audience Coming Back
Lesson 5.1: Publish Consistently To Your Blog
Lesson 5.2: Build Your Email List
Lesson 5.3: Create The Perfect Freebie
Lesson 5.4: Set Up A ConvertKit Email List
Lesson 5.5: Connect a ConvertKit Form to Your Blog
2 mins
Workbook 5 - Blogging Success.pdf
256 KB
Module 6 - Monetize Your Blog
Lesson 6.1: Sell Other People's Stuff (Affiliate Marketing)
Lesson 6.2: Monetize With Ads
Lesson 6.3: Sell Your Own Products
Lesson 6.4: Sell Your Own Services
Lesson 6.5: Add a Hire Me Page
2 mins
Lesson 6.6: Other Monetization Strategies
Workbook 6 - Blogging Success.pdf
450 KB