Author Success Blueprint by Sally Miller
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Author Success Blueprint

The quickest way to become a bestselling author on Amazon… and claim instant authority in your field with your first nonfiction book.
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It’s time to hit publish…

You’ve been walking around with your book idea for a while now – perhaps you even have multiple bits of books… gathering dust in a forgotten Dropbox file – but here’s the thing… 

“You feel daunted by the process of writing, launching and marketing your book”

And even though you want to… 

  1. Share your burning message with the masses
  2. Automatically attract thousands of qualified leads
  3. Get inquiries pouring into your inbox daily
  4. Position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche
  5. Scale your business without complicated marketing tactics…

…you also feel massively overwhelmed and wonder...


…My book won’t sell? I’m a crappy writer? I mess up my outline? I choose the wrong category? It’ll take me forever? I can’t get any people to review my book? My editor doesn’t do a good job? I launch, and… crickets?

If that’s YOU, then…

…let me help you move past your fears, and make your first nonfiction book a bestseller on Amazon.

My story...

I’m Sally Miller – bestselling author, business coach + research geek extraordinaire – and I’ve done the work for you. 

I’ve spent over 100 hours researching self-publishing – from reading blog posts, taking courses, interviewing bestselling authors to reading and publishing books on how to successfully sell your first nonfiction, bestselling title. 
And I didn’t just gather information... I tested the various methods in my own highly successful book launches and condensed everything I learned into this:

“A simple and PROVEN book-selling process that enables you to launch your bestseller as fast and inexpensive as possible.”

It’s truly a one-stop source for planning, writing, packaging and launching your first bestselling nonfiction book.

And if you're thinking...

“I don’t have time to write a book.”

Then I’ve got a little story for you… 

When I decided to write and publish a book, I was staying at home with a 4-year-old and a new baby. Yes…

“I wrote my first book between morning naps, nursing, cleaning diapers and prepping snacks”

Some days I could only manage 30 minutes, other days I managed an hour. 

My goal? Figure out the shortest path to becoming a bestselling author. And that’s exactly what I did: 

Within 21 days I had a good first draft. And within 60 days I was ready to hit publish on my first nonfiction title, that reached bestselling status within days.

And while I felt terrified to hit publish and put myself out there –everything changed once I did:

  • People bought my book 
  • Amazon sent me royalty checks
  • My email list started to grow on autopilot
  • New coaching clients poured into my inbox daily

My first book was downloaded 1855 times in the first month (and continues to grow my email list every day). My second book did even better. It was downloaded 3357 times in the first week only. Here’s a screenshot of my paid book sales in the first 10 days after launch:

Paid-Book-Sales-In-First-10-Days.png 19.49 KB

I’ve now published eight titles and sold over 25,000 books.

And… through writing and coaching, I’ve helped hundreds of other authors self-publish their book and reach bestselling status.

Here's an image of the first five books in my Paid to Stay Home series.

My Books.png 607.69 KB

Here’s the thing… when I take stock of the incredible business growth I’ve experienced since hitting publish, I must admit: 

Spending a few hours every week to write and launch my books, has been the savviest business decision in my career – with hands down the highest ROI.

Here’s how YOU can experience the same… 

The Author Success Blueprint Curriculum

The Author Success Blueprint – a step-by-step online program for future bestselling authors – walks you through the simple and inexpensive book selling process my clients and I have used to hit #1 status with our first nonfiction title.


If you’ve been wondering “How can I be sure my book will sell?”, this module will give you the final answer – so you can launch 99% sure it’ll be a hit. 

We’ll cover…

  • A major and surprising key to finding your bestselling topic
  • The irrevocable truth about earning money from books (and the real reason so many good authors fail to do so)
  • How to align your book topic with your short and long-term business goals
  • The eagle view of HOW your book can help you build a thriving business on autopilot 


Your goal isn’t to publish a book. Your goal is to publish a bestseller that people can’t put down and can’t stop raving about. Let me show you how. Included are… 

  • The secret key ingredient to writing a book people adore – in record time
  • Creating a procrastination-proof book outline – so your bestselling title will basically write itself
  • What you MUST include in your introduction to get people to read your book. Cover to cover 
  • The nitty gritty: how to easily and quickly create a professional looking table of contents, copyright, author and bonus page


Know what’s tragic? Writing the best book in the world, but not selling it because your cover doesn’t have any appeal, or getting bad reviews because of typos. So, let’s fix that!

  • 7 PROVEN strategies for packaging your book in an irresistible, have-to-have-it kinda way
  • 5 high-converting copywriting formulas for click-worthy titles and subtitles – so your book won’t sink into oblivion 
  • The complete how-to of finding a cover designer, formatter and editor on a budget (WITHOUT skimping on quality)
  • The key to selecting Amazon categories and keywords that’ll get your ideal reader (and clients!) to automatically find you
  • Book descriptions that sell: how to write captivating descriptions that have “add to cart” build into it 
  • My step-by-step guide on how to upload your book to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform – without the avoidable tech hurdles DIY people run into

Despite everything you’ve been told, you don’t need launch parties and book tours to become a bestselling author. I’ll show you how to publish and launch for $500 or less, PLUS how to leverage your book to attract a steady flow of hot leads for years to come. 

  • The one thing you MUST do to launch your book and get 1500+ downloads in your first month alone…
  • My favorite strategy to amplify your book sales – even if you don’t have a large following or advertising budget
  • Proven hacks to make sure your books keep on selling post launch (with ZERO extra time and money spent on promotion)
  • 10 more (easy and affordable) ways to make money from your bestseller, like recording an audio book!
  • The #1 key to getting reviews that do the selling for you and… why all reviews are not equal
  • An honest, detailed analysis of my latest book launch: what worked, and… what didn’t
  • My no brainer pricing formula, telling you exactly what to charge (and when!) to maximize your sales and create bestselling momentum
“A Proven Strategy for a Bestselling Launch”

"If you have ever considered self-publishing, this is for you! Clear, easy to understand, and practical. Sally Miller shares her experiences with the goal of helping others have the same success as she has had with self-publishing." - Ellen Rosenberger 

“Self-Publishing for Business!”

"This how-to offers outstanding guidance on how to move beyond self- publishing and demonstrates how to build an author platform" - K. Morton

“Insider Knowledge You NEED to Know”

"Sally goes a step further and addresses how to take your book to the next level. I love the WOW statement. So easy to refer back to and use throughout your work. The information on building your email list, tripling your e-book income and how to get reviews early on, is worth its weight in gold. Highly recommend!" - H. Farrelly“No more self doubt

"I feel so much more confident in the book I’m publishing and how to price it. I also know how to use keywords and categories.

And again, I’m feeling more confident in setting my book up when the time comes to hit publish!" - Martha Goertzen 

“Make your book dream come true”

"If you’ve been dreaming of writing a book and creating a new and lucrative career. This’ll give you powerful knowledge on how to become a bestselling author." - Lisa Mortensen 

“Have your competition bite the dust”

"As a non-fiction author, I know that there’s a lot of competition out there. That’s why we need to be strategic in our approach to how we can get our books in front of as many readers as possible. Sally offers authors a comprehensive blueprint that gets you to take action and make more money from your books." - Scott B. Allan

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